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A nice suite that offers a clock, timer and stopwatch
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DClock is a nice suite that offers a clock, timer and stopwatch. All of the apps are free, and you can donate to the developer if you want. The main app of this suite is the clock. It is a very simple digital clock that shows the time in green on a black background by default. You can change this value by right-clicking on the clock and accessing the options. From there, you can also enable or disable an hourly chime, a tray clock and customize the clock's size. If you leave the mouse pointer on top of the clock, it will display the date. There are options that really don't have much to do with the date or time, but they are nice to have. For example, you can ask DClock how long your computer has been running (usually referred to as "uptime") and it can copy this information, along with the date and time, to the clipboard.

Some of this app's other features are a stopwatch, which shares the same design as the clock and has hotkey support to start and stop it, a timer, and a to-do list manager.

All of the features are very simple, easy to set-up and use. And that is perhaps the best thing this app has to offer: simplicity and ease-of-use.

All of the components of DClock seem to be set to stay on top of your applications. And they are all portable; meaning that they don't require installation.

José Fernández
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